Well, here he is folks, The Dickies new sticksman - Anthony Biuso, or Tiny to you and me...

Fresh out of a stint playing as house drummer at LA's Cat Club (where he's jammed with the likes of Brian May and Billy Sheehan), he has joined the band in time to play on the forthcoming Fiend Fest with the Damned and the Misfits.
A few words from the man himself:

"Well lets see...I was born in Queens, New York in 1970. Raised on The Clash, AC/DC, Beatles, Sex Pistols, Kiss and Motorhead.

My earliest ambition was to play drums and entertain people, it was never about status or girls, at 10 years old you arent too motivated by greed or status!

Went to school on Long Island after two "brutal" years in catholic school in Queens. "I got my ass kicked every day before school in first grade"!

Moved to Los Angeles in 1988 to go to Musicians Institute, I quit after 6 months to join Rude Awakening, a hardcore/thrash group who toured for the next 3 years. After that I joined a group called Full Metal Racket, who made a brief appearance on the 98 Warped Tour. Toured Europe with Rude in 98 and 99. Recorded albums for MC Wren (from NWA), Lindsey Troy (Electra)and Popa.

Can't wait to see the Dickies fans in my face this summer.

Come one, come all. Peace, out..."
Tiny with his friend Puck (from MTV's Real World) at the 2003 NAMM trade show with his Smith drumkit.

The Tiny Interview and more pics coming soon, stay tuned...

In the meantime check out www.thesixes.com for more info on another of Tiny's projects...